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Posted 14th November 2012

How to defrost Whole Cooked Prawns

Ever wondered how to get the best flavour out of freshly defrosted prawns? Well we’re about to let you in on a few trade secrets:


1. Buy your prawns from a credible source such as Seafood@Home We guarantee that we only sell Australian whole cooked prawns caught right here in our clean coastal waters.

2. Clean out the kitchen sink, laundry tub or esky. Make sure to remove any residue left by cleaning products. Fill with enough fresh clean water to cover the amount of prawns you have.

Tip: If you don’t have enough room, defrost your prawns in smaller amounts and repeat the process.

3. Once you’ve filled your sink or esky with fresh clean water add rock salt to make a salty brine. You’ll find rock salt at your local supermarket. Add enough rock salt to make the water as salty as seawater or there abouts. To achieve the best results be sure to mix the rock salt though the brine, as it will tend to fall to the bottom.

Tip: Test the water by tasting it, don’t use table salt as it won’t work and you’ll be disappointed with the result.

4. Drop your box of prawns from about 2 foot off the ground onto a flat hard surface. This will separate the frozen prawns and speed up the defrosting process.

5. Add your prawns into the salty brine then cover them with ice. Times to defrost will vary depending upon the amount of prawns/water etc. The best way to check to see if they are ready is to pick up a prawn and gently squeeze the flesh behind the head, it should feel firm but not frozen.

6. When you think the prawns have finished defrosting, remove them from the salty brine and drain them thoroughly. Place onto serving dish and sprinkle lightly with rock salt and ice.

7. This is our favourite step in the process, the taste test! Don’t forget to taste your prawns before serving to your guests. You may need to test up to a kilo of prawns to be sure that you are satisfied with the results ;-).

If you have any other questions regarding these instruction (or other seafood questions) please forward them to info@seafoodathome.com.au and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.


Good Luck & Enjoy!